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This 2018 reissue of "Short of Popular" is completely remastered with all new art designed by band m..
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Since 2006, Tile has inundated the diverse Lehigh Valley DIY underground scene with their dynamic ..
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Debut LP from Twin Cities thrash noise rock luminaries Tongue Party. Nine songs of raw fury and angs..
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Debut mini-album from Austin, TX noise rockers Super Thief. A blast of angst and fury. Splatter..
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Every now and then a band name hits the spot. With a name like The Feral Young you would expect some..
Årabrot are set to return on 7th September with their most astounding piece of True Norwegian A..
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Årabrot have recently finished recording their most astounding piece of True Norwegian Art Rock..
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"Loved", the band’s brand new vicious full length, may be KEN Mode’s quintessential statement of v..
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KEN Mode already begun to create a big buzz when the Canada-based band toured Europe with Welsh ro..
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Intercourse is a three piece band from New Haven, CT who formed in 2014. Intercourse play a kille..
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A trio of unassuming brothers from Cork via County Wexford, Síoraí Geimhreadh (which means "Eterna..
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New York City’s Conduit are the sound of an unstable nightmare metastasized into a violent aural w..
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Debut album from the Örebro, Sweden based noise rock band! Mastered by Paul Leary of Butthole Surfer..
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Excellent Swedish noise rock! Includes the Cherubs cover song "Sugary". Black vinyl in hand numbered..
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Doomy experimental metal from Madison, WI. Black cassette with on-body print and black/white j-card...
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Fifth album by these Madison, WI heavies bringing together sludgy, mathy and melodic elements to the..
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Buñuel's stunning album The Easy Way Out is Eugene Robinson's unrestrained ID to his Oxbow superego ..
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White Bella + Canvas baseball shirt with black 3/4 sleeves. 52% cotton, combed and ring spun, 48% ..
Black sweatpant style shorts, 95% cotton 5% elasthan. These shorts were made for the Throat/HAAN U.S..
Madison, Wisconsin's Coordinated Suicides four track EP, False Pleasure, is a unique addition to t..
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From the state that birthed Ed Gein and Jeffrey Dahmer, Die Kreuzen, and the mighty Killdozer, W..
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2006 reissue on Goofin' Records with early live and studio material added as bonus. Black vinyl in g..
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Long awaited new album from the Finnish loser rock elite Chestburster. No one knows if "Spring Revel..
In their eleven years of existence, noise rockers Arabrot have been an intangible and ever-changin..
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Brand new reissue of Melvins' second album from 1989. You shouldn't need a hype text to be convinced..
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Reissue of the classic Distorted Pony 7" (originally released in 1990 on Piece of Mind Records) to c..
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Throat’s sophomore album, "Bareback", sees the band plunge head first into unprotected encounter..