Adolyne: Of Ash / Of Shit / Of Shame LP

-50% Adolyne: Of Ash / Of Shit / Of Shame LP

From (the amazingly fun to say out loud) Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, comes a band who will reach into your heart and chill it from the inside out. A bit dramatic, maybe, but Adolyne don't just bring the chaos and calamity of noise rock. No, this group of Canucks are just at home tinkering menacingly on the ivories as they are smashing out dark, math tinged ragers. The sum of all their influences and talents don't add up to create a singular product, instead Adolyne are their own snarling beast of a brand; one that music fans will struggle to find elsewhere, especially with material as raw and riveting as this. "Of Ash / of Shit / of Shame" is the total package when it comes to music that evokes anger just as much as it creates a claustrophobic atmosphere. Densely packed together math riffs and hoarse vocals, shared equally among all four members of the band, sit side by side with dark, almost Tim Burton-esque moments of strings and piano manipulation. These breaks, along with some equally chilling soundbites, are the perfect foil for the gnashing teeth of Adolyne's instruments. Not just rammed full of delightful songs, the record is produced down to a tee. The crunchy bass tone and glassy, clean guitars are stellar. You may be familiar with guitarist Skot Hamilton, who is currently playing bass for the immense KEN mode. Here he gets to skirt a bit closer to the darker edges of music, toying with melancholy and maelstrom; a recipe containing equal parts dark metal and post rock. This all begs one question; what's in the Canadian water that keeps spawning bands that can fuck with genre perceptions and come away creating something far more intriguing and uplifting? Who knows. Whatever it is, keep it coming Canada. We love you. Black/yellow splatter vinyl in full colour sleeve with printed inner sleeve. Limited edition of 500 copies.

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Tags: noise rock, sludge, post rock, adolyne, no list records, ken mode