Årabrot: I Rove MCD

NEW Årabrot: I Rove MCD

These three madmen, are downright evil, dwelling somewhere among the catacombs of the AmRep vault, near the Burning Witch sludge pit, a step to the left of the Big Black sander and just above the strange sound cut-ups of the Godflesh and Ministry turntables in the corner. Yes, Årabrot are unpredictable and damn near impossible to put any kind of tag on. Take for example the nearly 20 minute kick in the ass of the title track… that the band choose to start off on! Instead of saving such a hulking mass of deconstructed sound for the EP’s finale, they chose to start off with it which hints at the absolute ruthlessness of this trio. The remainder of this EP is but a mere blip, compared to the epic title track but it is still worth a look for the rabid, noise-rock fan. "The Serpent" has a stuttering groove coupled with a nasty, mean streak full of high-pitched vocal shrieks, agonizing riffs and turgid rhythms. The tension of this beast continues to rise until the 2 minute mark, where the band’s full fury is levied against the listener in the form of haggard, noise cum sludge explosions that sound like GodHeadSilo with David Yow on vocals, and a guitar further smashing to Hell the duo aspect of GHS. Capping off the album is a cover of Fang’s "The Money Will Roll Right In" and Årabrot put a distinctly Scratch Acid/Big Black sort of spin on the punk fuelled original. Special fold-out sleeve.

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Tags: noise rock, årabrot, fysisk format