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In their eleven years of existence, noise rockers Arabrot have been an intangible and ever-changing orchestra. Forever amending and constantly in opposition, often towards themselves. Throughout the years they've touched many a different field, but seldom as eerie as on "Mæsscr". With pianos, pump organs and hissing, whispering vocals as main tools, Arabrot is molding a musical landscape that lugubriously signals sexuality, violence and morals.

In addition to two new songs, Arabrot have done remakes of Lee Hazlewood's "Poor Man" and Death In June's "Kukuku" and "The Honour Of Silence".

-Death in June have been a reference point for Arabrot through many years, explains song writer and vocalist Kjetil Nernes. The isolated atmosphere and the outsider-esthetics attract us. We've done "Kukuku" live for years and together with "The Honour Of Silence" it fitted just right thematically. Alongside Lee Hazlewood's hard-boiled cowboy-realism in "Poor Man" and our own investigation of medieval torture and sadism in the Gilles de Rais-inspired "The Baron", these songs all comprises "Mæsscr" - a composition dedicated to human misery, what Norwegian writer Jens Bjørneboe called The Bestiality.

The recordings have been made partially on American and Swedish ground, but the main recordings, mixing and producing was done by Emil Nikolaisen (Serena Maneesh) in Malabar Studios, Oslo, August 2011. Participating musicians, in addition to the Årabrot core of Kjetil Nernes and Vidar Evensen, is Magnus Nymo (gong), Karin Park (piano and flute) and Emil Nikolaisen (guitars, harmonium, noise)

- We see Emil as the secret third part of Arabrot. The invisible element that puts the ideas into effect, Kjetil Nernes reveals.

"Mæsscr" is another fundamental outburst from a group that never stops being unpleasant.

Black vinyl in full colour sleeve.

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