Årabrot: Murder as Art MLP

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"Murder as Art" is a follow-up EP to Årabrot's celebrated sixth album, produced by Emil Nikolaisen of Serena Maneesh who also plays drums and bass on the release. The three new tracks also features Karin Park, Lasse Marhaug and Erland Dahlen (Nils Petter Molvær). The A-side features "Signifying Monkey", a loose decadent rocker and the pitch black noise track "Mystikum", whilst the B-side features a 15 minute sonic monster: "Story of Lot". The original story of Lot can be found in both the Bible and the Koran and tells the story of a man who, on God's command, leaves Sodom and becomes the incestuous father of a great tribe. Årabrot's take on "Story of Lot" was originally intended as the center-piece of the album, but as recording commenced, unexpected things started to happen. The motoric pulse at the basis of the track, sprouted a grotesque appetite for sounds. Generous amounts of boasting bass lines and opulent organs was fed to the mix, but this only amplified the unruly rhythm. The famed noise-jockeys Lasse Marhaug and Erland Dahlen were sent for to tame the beast, but nothing could control the yeasty black mass from growing. It was evident that "Story of Lot" had grown out of all proportions and would swallow the whole album if it wasn't put in a reservation of its own: A full 12" side on a separate release. The EP features artwork by the Norwegian artist Johannes Høie and a printed inner-sleeve with a short story by the legendary English writer John Doran. White vinyl in full colour sleeve with printed inner sleeve. Limited edition of 500 copies.

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Tags: noise rock, experimental, årabrot, arabrot, fysisk format