Årabrot: Solar Anus LP

NEW Årabrot: Solar Anus LP

"Solar Anus" is the fifth album by this Norwegian noise rock act. Their previous album, "Revenge" from 2010, marked the "end of an era and the beginning of something new". While the first four Årabrot albums showed a staggering level of ambition and a sense of musical dramaturgy like no other band, "Solar Anus" shows a band that has found its form, the ambitions and latent genius of the past has come into light. All of the eight tracks that make out "Solar Anus" are recorded and mixed by Steve Albini, known for his work with Pixies, Nirvana and his own bands Big Black and Shellac. Albini's stripped down approach to recording fit well with Årabrot's arrangements, consisting of nothing more than the drums, vocals and a baritone guitar. After finishing the main recordings Årabrot collaborator Concept.Virus infested some of the tracks with electronics, but still most of the tracks were kept clean, open and focused on the primitive force of rhythms, chords and guttural vocals spitting out filthy prose. The title and part of the thematic inspiration of the album is from the French literate Georges Bataille. Like Bataille, Årabrot is fascinated by the joy and energy of unifying the high and the low, the filth and the pure, the animalistic and the divine in man. In songwriter, vocalist and guitarist Kjetil Nernes' own words: "Gold indicates the sun as we hail Bataille's take on the subject of abjection. Solar Anus betokened the Golden Calf - juxtaposed between utmost evil and greater sanctity. Such as the eternal radiance of heaven or the egregious iniquities of the abyss. Or the alchemist of The Holy Mountain converting faeces into gold." "Solar Anus's" eight tracks is Årabrot playing their purest, wildest, ugliest rock'n'roll. Even the tiniest ears in mother earth's soil will open like flowers to the sun. Black vinyl in full colour sleeve with poster insert and digital download coupon. Limited edition of 500 copies.

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Tags: noise rock, årabrot, fysisk format