Årabrot: The Brother Seed LP

NEW Årabrot: The Brother Seed LP

Årabrot is a Norwegian band that plays some downright nasty sounding noise-rock. "The Brother Seed", released through Norway Rat records, is their third album after releasing two previous exceptional slabs of noise. This stuff is pretty killer and absolutely crazed in all the right ways. It's impossible to pinpoint what the singer is going to do, as it seems like every song he shouts, grumbles, and growls in different ways that sound equally terrifying no matter which he chooses. The music keeps things interesting as well, as Årabrot goes back and forth from a claustrophobic wall of distortion and drums to surprisingly melodic parts… or at least as melodic as something like this tends to be. Either way, the variations throughout the album help it maintain a level of consistent interest, along with propelling it to be what probably is their best effort to date. "The Brother Seed" was recorded and mixed by Steve Albini and mastered by Bob Weston at Electrical Audio in Chicago and that's the kind of namedropping that should make you reach for your wallet. Black vinyl in full colour sleeve.

  • 16.00€

Tags: noise rock, årabrot, fysisk format