Blank Veins: From One Head MLP

-46% Blank Veins: From One Head MLP

The debut tape by Thessaloniki's Blank Veins now sees a reissue in vinyl format. When the first stabs of treble drenched, over-driven guitar ring out, it sounds as if Blank Veins are about to take you straight into abstract, no-wave territory. But as the first track progresses and the drums and bass kick in, this bad boy veers straight into sleazy, pummeling noise rock territory. And fuck, as soon as the sax snaked its way in through the cacophony I was completely sold. Blank Veins take a simple, atonal riff and drive it forward for the entire duration of the song - completely deconstructing it and annihilating it in the process while the rhythm section pounds away in the background. Add intermittent background noise, yelled/slurred vocals and of course the sax and you have some sort of bastard child born from the fling between a Rhode Island noise rock band and an ex-East Village punk. Totally nihilistic, unrelenting stuff. White vinyl in black/white sleeve. Limited edition of 329 copies.

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Tags: noise rock, blank veins, killed by an axe