Bloated Subhumans: Execution II Tape

-67% Bloated Subhumans: Execution II Tape

Bloated Subhumans is a band from Wilmington, Delaware with veteran tact when composing tactless music, despite their limited back catalog. Their output falls on the more musical side of the spectrum when it comes to noise music, each offering having a loose structure based around thrumming, bone-rattling bass coupled with barely audible, chanted vocals, and washes of electronic noise surrounding all of it. Elements of drone and hardcore flirting with a basis of harsh noise and power electronics. The drones crafted by the driving bass and programmed drums set a plodding pace supported by the mumbled, washed out vocals. No awkward attempts at screaming or singing to match the intensity of the music are had here, the vocals are barely audible but incredibly effective, essentially just monotone chants lamenting existence. This low key, droning approach is offset by the wash of shrieking electronics and rattling wash of feedback that frequently shifts positions from the background to the foreground seamlessly, never overpowering the other elements of the music but rather enhancing them. Make no mistake, this is most assuredly a harsh noise release, but it is one done with an amount of restraint uncommon in the genre. All of the booming power of the music is expertly used and creates and air of complete and utter nihilism in the best possible way. Recycled tape (hand painted and hand numbered) with red/black xerox j-card. Limited edition of 20 copies.

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Tags: noise rock, noise punk, harsh noise, bloated subhumans, estranged communications