Brainbombs: Inferno LP

NEW Brainbombs: Inferno LP

Brainbombs, the legendary Swedish outfit has become rather prolific during the past few years with a number of new releases as well as live performances, both having been almost non-existent for a long period of time. "Inferno" marks the band's 3rd album within the last 5 years, featuring 8 new tracks record at the end of 2016. By now there should be no need to mention "serial killers", "filth" or The Stooges when talking about a Brainbombs album. You should know what you're getting your ass into. Black vinyl in black/white sleeve. Regular edition, not including the bonus 7". Limited edition of 700 copies out of 1000 copies in total.

  • 15.00€

Tags: noise rock, garage rock, brainbombs, skrammel records