Buñuel: The Easy Way Out LP

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Buñuel's stunning album The Easy Way Out is Eugene Robinson's unrestrained ID to his Oxbow superego & his first since the ground-breaking Thin Black Duke.

A new chapter opens for Buñuel who are; Eugene S. Robinson (Oxbow), Pierpaolo Capovilla and Franz Valente (One Dimensional Man, Il Teatro Degli Orrori) and Xabier Iriondo (Afterhours). Carrying a grim world view from their first ground-breaking release A Resting Place For Strangers (produced by Xabier Iriondo and with vocals recorded by Monte Vallier from American Records band Swell) they are pleased to present their new album, The Easy Way Out, where Robinson fashions a world in decline that is taking us along with it.

The Easy Way Out has been released via La Tempesta International and Goodfellas Records and strengthens the furious up-tempo rock idea they have been known for since 2016. They have expanded their horizons including some slower tracks and driving us to unknown places throughout a deconstructed atmosphere.

The Easy Way Out, recorded with producer Xabier Iriondo, sees Eugene dropping intense/visceral lyrics/vocals, Pierpaolo and Franz providing a sharp breathless rhythmic section that down-tempos it all, right into a certain kind of sonic hell, while Xabier’s guitars are thrilling and explosive, occasionally recalling the most unrestrained Detroit '60s sound of angular blues and street riots.

Black vinyl in full colour sleeve with printed inner sleeve.

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