Cellos: The Great Leap Backward LP

NEW Cellos: The Great Leap Backward LP
Cellos continue the legacy of great Canadian noise rock under the Harbour House Records label. The best way to describe this band would be "Torche meets KEN Mode" in the most harmonious way possible. The album is a plethora of serpentine riffs from "Demagogue" and "Bury Me on Highway 3", to the outright sludgy plod of "Out of Phase" and "White Lines". "The Great Leap Backward" is an emotional rollercoaster that could be best encapsulated by the song "Snake Charmer"; a track that lulls you with a hypnotic opening riff, only to change course with the noise rock twist of Kittens. Cellos "The Great Leap Backward" has so much crossover appeal that putting it into a sub genre would only cheapen its potential to a wider audience. This record is for anyone searching for something slightly different in the myriad of heavy music releases this year. Coloured vinyl (all copies are different) in full colour sleeve.
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Tags: noise rock, cellos, harbour house records