Coordinated Suicides: False Pleasure 7"

NEW Coordinated Suicides: False Pleasure 7"

Madison, Wisconsin's Coordinated Suicides four track EP, False Pleasure, is a unique addition to the aggressive side of the post-punk genre. Hidden amongst the caustic vocals of guitarist Mike Soto is an air of early emo that seeps through from time to time. Much like a seeping wound, it serves only as a caution to the discharge of bile that lays ahead - but like any severe wound, it's very hard not to be somewhat fascinated with it. If you ever were a fan of Alex Newport's seminal noise outfit Fudge Tunnel, then Coordinated Suicides will be your favourite new racket. Black vinyl in black/white sleeve with insert. Limited edition of 300 copies.

  • 7.00€

Tags: noise rock, post punk, coordinated suicides, kitschy manitou records