Dialysis: Pretty Men CD

NEW Dialysis: Pretty Men CD

Syracuse, NY's Dialysis offer their first full length- a blazing ripper of grind, punk, thrash, and noisecore in 20 tracks. Having already released two seven inch records, as well as a split with hometown labelmates Bleak, Dialysis show a range of diversity on "Pretty Men", their first album. Blazing fast grind mashes up with slower noisecore dirges, oddball samples, and a touch of saxophone too. Featuring truly insane cover art from Ryan Besch/Your Cinema. FFO (in the band's collective mind): Spazz, Iron Lung, Turmoil, George Carlin, Police Academy. Digisleeve.

  • 7.00€

Tags: grind core, punk rock, hardcore, thrash, dialysis, hex records