Disasteratti: Transmissionary LP

NEW Disasteratti: Transmissionary LP

Hellbilly cowboy acid surf crunch. These are the words that spew from an unfiltered mind. The catalyst for this outburst is simple. Disasteratti. The Twin Cities' newest low brow core artist to break out with a heavy slab of wax on Learning Curve Records. Their debut full length, "Transmissionary" is a masterpiece of beer driven pig stomp surf alt wave festival shenanigans. The 11-song gem is a solid boo-ya of the glory days of 90's style rock. Aggressive rhythms, dark introspective vocals and pure redness abandon. "Transmissionary" is like the zipper ride at your county fair, you get in the cage, scream like death is at your door, adrenaline pumps through you. Up, down, backwards, forwards, fear and ecstasy all within seconds. This is the ride of this LP. Take a listen, you might end up bobbing your head, jumping around your kitchen or smashing the closest object. Disasteratti has been playing shows in and around the Twin Cities for a couple years now, as well as touring though the Midwest, developing a loyal underground fan base. Playing together for many years, Antoine, Brandon and Dari exist as a brotherhood, which is seen when they feed off each other in a live setting. Throttling their audience with mind pulsing rock. Black vinyl in full colour sleeve with insert and digital download card. Limited edition of 300 copies.

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