Drose: A Voice 7"

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The first vinyl release by the Ohio-based group Drose is this absolutely mind melting four song single that they've put out themselves. Think of a meeting ground between the vocal theatrics of Oxbow, the industrial pummel of Swans, and the sludgy distorto crumble of Fleshpress. Basically, this shit is heavy in ways that aren't immediately apparent until you find yourself reaching the end and the realization of how exhaustive it was sets in. Working in a space that sounds cavernous, the tracks contain a faint echo that adds to the overall onset of despair that ranges from slow motion bottom dwelling to the sudden rapid fire shots of paranoia and irrational lashing out. Certainly a twisting and representative display of life from places that most of us wouldn't dare to think of. Black vinyl (limited to 200 copies out of 300 copies in total) in full colour sleeve.

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Tags: noise rock, sludge, drose