Hibagon: Polyposmic LP

NEW Hibagon: Polyposmic LP

For those who are brand new to Hibagon… let's just say it's a hell of a weird party. Blending everything from psychedelic to bluesy metal, Hibagon's debut record "Polyposmic" is a jammin’ math blast. The duo presents an entire instrumental work that displays unique chemistry that plays across a wide spectrum of sounds. For fans of acts such as Animals As Leaders, and who may enjoy a twang and attitude of something like the Melvins, Hibagon present a truly fun time. The album also follows a really spacey concept. Our main character Hibagon falls into a state of unconsciousness for 120 years, and awakens with the ability to mutate his surroundings. The tracks reflect these various forms of manipulated time and space, providing a range of emotion. “Groovulture” starts things off like a brisk walk, coming in with gentle guitar tones and light drumming. The rhythm kicks up at times and takes off like road rage, but will shift back to those slower elements. “HoolalooP” pops and vibrates with a psychedelic twang that is mesmerizing. The album then goes into “Hypnoyak”, which is bluesy rock and roll, blasting off with sporadic drumming. These three songs all play in sequence, and show off a wonderful range in sounds and technicality. There is always an element of that bluesy, rock and roll sound to the guitar, but thanks to the range in various song structures, the sound never tires. The drumming is also highly enjoyable, for it beats down and bops like a happy medium of rock and jazz. The instruments come together and create a mix of the unexpected, thanks to random shifts in style. “Lamantino” is an odd experiment in the best of ways when it comes to pacing. The song’s guitar plays and stops quickly in the beginning, providing a sense of jagged physicality to the music. The math component of the record is at some of its best in this track. The progression is a beast, as it combines many tones, sounds, and textures. “Neinthorag” churns in clashing drums with a sinister guitar tone. This lifts to allow some somber guitar notes with sharp drumming into the mix. Things shift back to the clashing and sinister aspect, playing back and forth on these ideas to the end. "Polyposmic" is a fun experience when it comes to math metal. In its run time the album offers quite a lot to hear. It’s math technicality isn’t overbearing or extreme, but makes for a great gateway to explore the genre even further. As a debut record, Hibagon have demonstrated a promising treat that is both very enjoyable, and continues to keep the listener guessing. White vinyl (limited to 225 copies out of 450 copies in total) in full colour sleeve with round insert.

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