The Brainbombs use a horn, scraping guitars and the mindset of a mentally-impaired killer to bring..
Nobody knows what a Brainbomb is, but with the sounds of this record strapped close to your skull ..
Armageddon Shop has reissued the Brainbombs first album "Burning Hell", originally released in 1992 ..
Originally released in Sweden in 2008 on the Lystring label, Brainbombs' 5th album "Fucking Mess" q..
Includes the single that came out on tUMULt, the "Stinking Memory" 7" on Anthem, as well as the Waba..
Finally available again, the domestic version of thee classic and essential Brainbombs release. Out ..
As a tastemaker for "Who Do You Love?", the long-anticipated successor to 2016’s critically acclai..
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Drug Church are a glorious contradiction. They are an undeniably aggressive band that write..
The first new album in eight years from “the art-grind-turned-noise-rock mavens” (Decibel). For fa..
Recorded as a piece of art for Italian National Radio RAI in Rome March 1981.On the recommendation..
"Success" is a funny concept. On its rawest, most pure form, it is entirely relative, and this was t..
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"Loved", the band's brand new vicious full length, may be KEN mode's quintessential statement of vio..
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Miami noise rock/alt metal powerhouse Wrong’s (members of Torche, ex-Capsule, ex-Kylesa) sophomore..
Southern California's veteran sludge-rock trailblazers -(16)- return with their 7th full-length albu..
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Sky:Lark is a power trio truly worthy of the name. Their third LP is a healthily noisy post-hardco..
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To find this album now, in 2019, is a music archaeological task. Not a trace of the 2000 copies rele..
When Hoover separated in 1994, the bands members moved on with different projects. Fred Erskine an..
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Shiner wrote memorable songs. It was rare that a band could sound like My Bloody Valentine, Jawbox, ..
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"Pony Express Record" recorded in 1994, by the Washington, D.C. -based post-hardcore group Shudder t..
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Since their inception in 2010, Whores. has laid waste to both presumption and audial funct..
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Since their inception in 2010, Whores. has laid waste to both presumption and audial funct..
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The third full album from Switzerland's YC-CY, going even further and deeper into the most extreme..
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London based USA Nails present their fourth album "Life Cinema".In the past year, USA Nails have tou..
Dewaere is a French noise punk band from Saint-Brieuc claiming to play loud, heavy, noisy rock and..
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Stuntman hail from the south of France and make a manic, panicked type of chaotic metallic hardcor..
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Celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Throat, this double-CD release compiles all releases previous..
Fun released 3 LP's, an EP and a 7" single while playing over 300 shows before hitting the wall in 2..
8 cm embroidered patch with the classic Throat catmask logo!..