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Bloated Subhumans: Execution I Tape

Bloated Subhumans is a band from Wilmington, Delaw..

6.00€ 3.00€

Drose: A Voice 7"

The first vinyl release by the Ohio-based group Dr..

6.00€ 3.00€

Sinking Suns: Death Songs CD

Amazing debut full length from Madison, Wisconsin'..

12.00€ 6.00€

Sinking Suns: s/t 7"

If you played this single blindly, you could guess..

6.00€ 2.00€

Stolen Kidneys: s/t 7"

Stolen Kidneys from Oulu have been around for a fe..

6.00€ 1.00€

Throat: Catmask Shorts

Black sweatpant style shorts, 95% cotton 5% elasth..


Torso.: Giallo 7"

Truly adventurous vinyl debut from this Finnish dr..

6.00€ 1.00€

YC-CY: s/t LP

Absolute killer band from Switzerland! Nihilist ha..

14.00€ 10.00€