Sleiveen Hostess: s/t Tape

-70% Sleiveen Hostess: s/t Tape

Some people seek professional help when certain obsessions no longer remain under control. For some people it's too late and they end up institutionalised or dead. Some people find relief in celebrating their obsessions most deep and foul through music, and what a better way to share your dreams of rusty razor blades, cum stained polaroid collections and romantic encounters ending up in police investigations than through scuzzy noise rock. Sleiveen Hostess makes its debut with a six-song cassette jam-packed with filth similar to the unpleasant sounds of Brainbombs, Drunkdriver or even Rectal Hygienics. Professionally duplicated metallic gold tape with black on-shell printing and full colour j-card. Limited edition of 100 copies.

  • 5.00€
  • 1.50€

Tags: noise rock, sludge, kaos kontrol, sleiveen hostess