Kilbourne / New World on Fire: Split 7"

-83% Kilbourne / New World on Fire: Split 7"

You should already be pretty familiar with Kilbourne by now, who graciously raced into the studio to crank out two ham-fisted noise pop gems. First, a re-recording of "Big Trouble in Little Italy" (from their "Measure of Health" CD) and secondly, "Rent", a remnant from their Honeyrocket days. Raw and inspiring. New World on Fire hailed from Chilliwack, BC. Their frantic, almost schizoid, political hardcore came with all the growls and howls and thankfully, none of the breakdowns. At times it reminded me of Refused, making it hard to pigeon-hole where the next track was going. They set a fierce pace, though, and keep it up on these three tracks. Red/black splatter vinyl in special die-cut sleeve. Limited edition of 500 copies.

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Tags: hard core, punk, metal, noise rock, kilbourne, new world on fire, no list records