Kiss It Goodbye: She Loves Me She Loves Me Not LP

NEW Kiss It Goodbye: She Loves Me She Loves Me Not LP

It is the nature of noisy hardcore bands to not stick around too long, and the demise of the superb Deadguy left many who were into this new and noisier brand of hardcore quite miffed. Fortunately Kiss It Goodbye didn't take very much time to fire up and blow away most any other band playing at that time. It had been years since Rorschach split, but when Tim Singer teamed up with Keith Huckins, Andrew Ghormley, and Tom Rusnak (all formerly of Rorschach), it felt like they had only been invisible for all that time. Gone was the claustrophobic, needle-nosed screech of Deadguy, but it was replaced with something more powerful, layered, and plodding. The spatial qualities of this record are amazing. The rhythm section here is one of the better ever heard recorded, and when they lay down a ridiculous groove (see "We'll Burn That Bridge When We Get To It," or "Sick Day"), there is no ceiling for the damage that the guitar tones and cackled vocals can do. Tim had at this point refined his vocal style to outdo anyone who even remotely felt psychotic for one reason or another and ended up scaring the daylights out of a lot of weak-stomached hardcore fans. Very vicious. The subject matter on this record was seriously mature compared to the majority of youthful, scene-oriented hardcore bands, and that is just one reason why this album didn't fall to the wayside like so many hundreds of hardcore records before and since. White vinyl in full colour sleeve with insert and digital download coupon.

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