Lardo: Sinking LP

-31% Lardo: Sinking LP

"Sinking" is the second LP from the Chicago-based band. Beginning as a casual basement project somewhere between 2010-13 (the exact point of origin debatable), the band is more surprised than anyone to be releasing a follow up already. For one thing, they have been living 800 miles apart since the release of "Gunmetal Eyes" in May of 2015. But the gnawing feeling of ending the band while personal and peer enthusiasm was high meant figuring out a way of staying productive regardless of distance: exchanging demos through email, infrequent marathon-style practices and yes, even a few video chat sessions. This record features a more expansive set of songs, boasting gigantic room production courtesy of the 30' ceilings in Chicago's Electrical Audio studio B. Themes ranging from social equity to comedic nihilism, along with the further refinement of the synth guitar, put to rest any lingering trace of novelty. All of the lean, minimalist-to-bombast dynamics of the first album are still there, but exaggerated: from the glacial-paced chunks of "Swimmer", the runaway train finale of "World War", and many facets in between. The band's playing has grown in confidence, despite having played less than ten shows in four years. The focus of Lardo has always been personal expression and sonic curiosity first, everything else a distant second (though interest is appreciated!) Black vinyl in full colour sleeve with digital download coupon.

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Tags: noise rock, post punk, post hardcore, lardo, alliterative accord recordings