Multicult: Simultaneity Now LP

NEW Multicult: Simultaneity Now LP

On their fifth album, Baltimore noise rock stalwarts Multicult lay down a minimalist racket that sets them apart from many bands playing in this specific subgenre of punk. Bassist Rebecca Burchette and drummer Jake Cregger lock into a pummeling, precise, machinelike groove for guitarist/vocalist Nick Skrobisz to passionately holler over, while his guitar skreaks and skronks all types of cathartic noise. It’s a sound rooted in tension and release. The rhythm section provides the tension, while the release is provided by Skrobisz’s voice and guitar. ​It’s a unique style that proves there is room for all different types of sounds and approaches under the noise rock banner. Multicult’s sound owes just as much to Wire as it does to Big Black.

”Caterwaul” opens the album with Burchette’s distorted bass and Cregger’s drums locking into a precise, mechanical pattern for Skrobisz to well, caterwaul over, with both voice and guitar. “Torsion” continues variations on this theme, with noisy runs on the guitar, to accent the bass and drum attack. “Gamma” picks up the pace a little bit, to slightly quicker pace, while “High Contrast Image Arena” holds back a little at the beginning, before exploding into a torrent of vicious feedback. The title track takes on a more menacing tone, and album closer “Fed Back Fatigue”, is an instrumental, where the band goes full on future shock, with synths, and avant garde guitar figures.

​"Simultaneity Now" is another scintillating slice of noise rock from this consistently great trio. If you haven’t caught on yet, then what are you waiting for? It’s worth your time.

Black, clear splatter or yellow/red vinyl in full colour sleeve with insert and digital download coupon.

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