Nervous Mothers / Art of Burning Water: Split 7"

NEW Nervous Mothers / Art of Burning Water: Split 7"

Nervous Mothers are actually four Belgian dudes that have served time in a number of other very fine bands. They unleash some severely harsh riffing that has some blasting, emo-violence tinged, near-grind drumming that often stick-shifts into downtuned sludge action by way of Coalesce-esque walls of atonal noise slabs. Art Of Burning Water continue their mission to annoy all and sundry with their slightly faster take on their usual off-kilter noise-rock with definite hardcore leanings, like a sped up Keelhaul partying with Motörhead. A brutal slow-burner this time round. Black vinyl in full colour sleeve with insert.

  • 6.00€

Tags: noise rock, hardcore, crossover, nervous mothers, art of burning water, superfi records, vleesklak records