¡Olé!: Lost it All on Sleipnir in the Third 7"

-75% ¡Olé!: Lost it All on Sleipnir in the Third 7"

Lee of No List Records: "I chased this band. It was shortly after I released the Hide Your Daughters debut CD that I ran into K5, a record shop snob and soon to be my best mate. It was his band, ¡Olé! and their demo "The Roman Trilogy" that made me priveleged to know such an ensemble. The best of Unsane/Melvins and the mouth that roared vocals of Thérèse Lanz (Kilbourne, Mares of Thrace). Almost five years later, we finally got them in the studio and out popped the four tracks found on this deluxe package. Floor-crawling sludge noise that is bound to drop-kick your needle off the arm. Brutal is a word I will only use to describe one record in our catalogue and this is the one." Clear/brown splatter vinyl in special fold-out sleeve. Limited edition of 500 copies.

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Tags: noise rock, sludge, ole, no list records