Orchestra of Constant Distress: s/t LP

NEW Orchestra of Constant Distress: s/t LP

Orchestra of Constant Distress is the new Swedish supergroup featuring Joachim Nordwall (The Skull Defekts, Alvars Orkester), Anders 'Drajan' Bryngelsson (Brainbombs, No Balls, Regler), Henrik Rylander (The Skull Defekts, Union Carbide Productions) and Henrik Andersson (Human Waste). Their self-titled debut album is a nice slab of hard rock from the year 3000. Five tracks of pure mechanical alienation, built upon very minimal guitar/drum patterns and waves of harsh electronics, sounding pretty much like anything else in the actual noise rock scenario. Black vinyl in black/white sleeve. Limited edition of 300 copies.

  • 17.00€

Tags: noise rock, noise, experimental, orchestra of constant distress, 8mm records, brainbombs, the skull defekts, no balls, regler