Legendary Divorce: Make Me MCD

-57% Legendary Divorce: Make Me MCD

From Philly blog The Deli - "Their debut EP "Make Me" is a rugged blend of agitated aggression. The songs have a tendency to immediately pounce on one's ears. Itarya Leo's vocals occupy a space were pensive rage and sadness compact themselves. The unfiltered byproduct joins up with steady, slightly dark instrumental tones, which are forceful yet frayed. Leo's voice etches a path through the noise-punk, thumping music like a fireball amid organized chaos." Not sure what some of that means, but we say: DAMN this noisy lil' grunge-pop EP seriously kicks your teeth in with sugar-coated steel toe boots! Members of The Starting Line, Wives, Ladder Devils and The Minor Times.

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Tags: noise rock, grunge, legendary divorce, reptilian records