Pigeon Hunt / Cicutoxin: Split LP

NEW Pigeon Hunt / Cicutoxin: Split LP

Refreshing pairing on a split LP with bands that don't necessarily share similar musical approach, but definitely strive to offer similar amounts of punishment to the listener. Pigeon Hunt already have a bunch of small scale vinyl releases under their belts and the five songs here carry on with the San Diego -influenced racket that sounds like each bone in your body decides to escape through your skin - each one in separate directions. Cicutoxin is one of the latest names that has appeared in the Finnish sludge scene and the trip they drag the listener through ain't no joyride. Filth, debauchery and death. Black vinyl in full colour sleeve with insert. Limited edition of 250 copies.

  • 12.00€

Tags: noise rock, hardcore, math, sludge, pigeon hunt, cicutoxin, rämekuukkeli