Regler: Regel #9 (Blues) LP

-50% Regler: Regel #9 (Blues) LP

On their previous two records on At War With False Noise, Regler have tackled harsh noise and heavy metal. So how about Regler doing the blues? What the fuck is that gonna sound like? Well, it doesn't sound like Howlin' Wolf, that's for sure! But then, Anders and Mattin are less about representing a sound and more about getting to the bottom of a genre, usually by taking it apart, or getting to the fulcrum of the style... or in this case, aggressively smashing the shit out of it until it surrenders. On one long track over two sides of an LP, Regler haven't produced a deconstruction of the blues; rather a horrid bastardisation of the blues: playing an open riff and caveman drum beat over and over... and over... and over... and over again, post-produced with samples representing the multitude of fucked up things going on in the world in the past year. It's nearly an hour of unrelentingly bleak vibes. Is that not what the blues, in essence, is all about? The blues is - at root - reality, and this is what's shown bare here. Is it more horrible to hear a seemingly endless, turgid cacophony of guitar and drums with little variation or finesse, or to hear the death, pain and suffering that we're casually subject to at six o'clock every night with our egg and chips? Well, this record unsubtly asks that question! The sound of the record is massive and has been mastered beautifully to vinyl. Utterly heavy and taking no prisoners, it's like the first track on "From Enslavement to Obliteration" by Napalm Death just kept going for the whole album. This isn't for the casual listener, but if you're a casual listener of anything you a) won't be reading about a new Regler record and b) won't be on this website. Black vinyl in black/white sleeve. Limited edition of 250 copies.

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