Chron Turbine: II Tape

-83% Chron Turbine: II Tape

Following up on their "Skull Necklace for You" LP, Chron Turbine return from the void (this time on cassette) and unfurl eight thick throbbing tracks of the simmering angular guitar driven catchy noise rock that you've come to expect from these purveyors of dark destruct-o-pop! Pummeling and hypnotic rhythms, obtuse vocal delivery, and absurd lyrical content make "II" Chron Turbine's best release to date. For more obvious comparisons: Shellac, Girls Vs Boys, Karp and Jesus Lizard might come to mind. Don't be obvious, be weird, listen to Chron TurbinePro dubbed cobalt cassette, sticker, digital download coupon and silk screened slip cover.

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Tags: noise rock, post hardcore, chron turbine, peterwalkee records, rye coalition, les savy fav, trans am