Coordinated Suicides: Life is Beautiful Tape

-83% Coordinated Suicides: Life is Beautiful Tape

New project from one of the guys in Pink City, returning to somewhat similar and familiar territory for Coordinated Suicides and their debut album "Life is Beautiful". Indeed, life may sometimes be beautiful, but there probably isn't much beauty to be found on this album as this is one bass heavy and noisy affair. With Pink City, things kind of churned and grinded in a sludgy fashion… sometimes almost veering into an industrial thudding. However, Coordinated Suicides is almost pure rolling noise-rock that steers right down the road into the early gutter dwelling muddiness/filth of the first couple Unsane records… the thickness of everything also gives off a distinct Fudge Tunnel – "Hate Songs in E Minor" vibe which all you can say to that is…yes please. The recording was mixed and mastered by Steve Austin of Today is the Day fame and the effects that are laid over the vocals here are very reminiscent to Mr. Austin's vocals on those later Today is the Day albums, but that's really about it. The track "Paulie" is the lone deviation from the down tuned noise pummel across "Life is Beautiful", taking on a sound that somewhat veers into "Dusted" era Live Skull territory during the more "melodic" parts. Those looking to fill what little could possibly be left to fill in that noise rock void of yours, this may just do it. Pro-duplicated red tape with on-shell print with full colour j-card and digital download coupon. Limited edition of 200 copies.

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