Friend Collector: FCII Tape

-50% Friend Collector: FCII Tape

Those that enjoy noise rock and haven't heard Friend Collector or their debut album "American Demos" yet, well you've been missing out. Never fear though, as the band is back with a brand new 6 track EP simply titled "FCII". Some may already be a bit familiar with these guys and not even really know it, considering they have ties back to the wonderfully noisy The New Flesh who released a couple or so excellent albums highly recommend to track down if given the time. Friend Collector, in most ways, haven't deviated terribly from the path that was forged with The New Flesh, but the songs are certainly a little more drawn out and aren't as much in debt to the big thudding monotony of bands like Drunks With Guns etc. Rather, Friend Collector sling a more decipherable type of noise rock, using atonal shifts and scrapes that create a whopping mass of destruction… plowing along beside a hefty low-end. The pacing sometimes causes it to remind of early Swans, but in most cases Friend Collector are producing a similar sort of noise to those of past and current bands like Glazed Baby or Scul Hazzards. Pro-duplicated cassette with full colour j-card and digital download coupon. Limited edition of 100 copies.

  • Label: Terra Firma
  • Format: Tape
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