Noxagt: Kill yr. Ego Oslo 13.08.03 Tape

-64% Noxagt: Kill yr. Ego Oslo 13.08.03 Tape

Live performance from the noxious Nords, the lords of loud, ear-rupturing Noxagt. They're joined by local legend Billy Anderson, record producer, recording engineer and musician who has worked with hundreds of bands like EyehategodFantomasMr Bungle and many many many others. Definitely no turning down here, this shit is brutally overdriven and face-smashing as their concerts should be. The first track is just some banter from Billy while they wait for Lauritzen to get to his drums (some good Metallica references though). The rest is incessantly pounding noise rock with Billy screaming some deep throaty vocals that just sing ego death. They never let up, except for a briefly beautiful folksy viola solo from Erga to start off "A Blast from the Past", fitting indeed (and some Hey Mickeys thrown in for good measure). Instrumentals on 4 and 6 make you maybe miss Billy's sweet voice, but they're just too fucking good. Bring that volume up and let it all just crumble down. Everything breaks. White cassette in special screenprinted fold-out carton sleeve.

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Tags: noise rock, noxagt, drid machine