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In many ways the song ("You've Been Erased") that opens this debut full length effort by Chicago's abrasive garage combo The Daily Void is reminiscent of some of the old Butthole Surfers. It's got that jagged edge, you know? You can tell there is great rock'n'roll looming somewhere in this well of derangement, but by choice the makers have opted for marching at the beat of their own drummer. Read: be strident, loud and not all that easy going. So let's just hope that The Daily Void never finds commercial success in the tragic way that the Butthole Surfers have. The Daily Voids was formed from the ashes of the late The Functional Blackouts (guitarists Mac Blackout and Dr. Filth and Rob Karlic). Slightly more angular, difficult, disordered and destructive than the music of its predecessors, The Daily Void create the kind of nihilistic garage noise/punk rock that is bound to annoy the fuck out of anyone not used to these types. They are an affable quartet obsessed with monochromatic negativity, whose songs constantly walk the very fine line between actual organized but in your face brash punk rock music and destructive noise rock. The whole thing has during its most remarkable moments lower levels of sheer noise fuckery on the side. It's the whole Sonic Youth guitar noise principle, except played with pure contempt for artistic ambition and with visceral fury. "Devil's Gold Window" and "The Man with Out a Face" both are at times angular and at others straight ahead rockers built around one-to-two-note guitar ideas. The Daily Void are by no means an easy treat. It doesn't go down like hot chocolate on a December night. It's more like getting stabbed with a broken bottle right before midnight on the 25th. Black vinyl in black/white sleeve with black/white insert.

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Tags: noise rock, punk, post punk, hard core, the daily void, dead beat records