The Skull Defekts: The Drone Drug MLP

NEW The Skull Defekts: The Drone Drug MLP

Nordic noise mavens Henrik Rylander and Joachim Nordwall occupy a dark, industrialised end of the drone spectrum, making sounds that are more likely to be associated with machinery or the sounds of a particularly disastrous smelting accident than anything that could be termed as musical. These smoggy stretches of rasp and rumble are at times exasperatingly harsh and prolonged, further compounding the idea that this is more akin to the terrible after-effects of an industrial process than something made artfully, or for that matter deliberately. As the title alludes there's still something oddly engrossing about all this unpleasantness, and its coarseness and ferocity make for a compelling antidote to the more ambient, or academic drones that so often find favour within the genre. Black vinyl in full colour sleeve with insert and digital download coupon. Limited edition of 500 copies.

  • Label: Actual Noise
  • Format: Mini-LP
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  • 16.00€

Tags: noise, industrial, experimental, electronic, the skull defekts, actual noise