Tongue Party: Looking for a Painful Death LP

Tongue Party: Looking for a Painful Death LP

This band of miscreants from Minneapolis make an auspicious full length debut on "Looking For A Painful Death". Their fucked up vision comes into full bloom after releasing a bunch of promising EPs and one split 7″. Minneapolis has a fine history of birthing great noise punk band bands and labels. Tongue Party adds to that rich, soiled undergarment of a history, delivering a full on body blow of an album.

Sonically, they merge filthy, fuzzed out and slashing riffs with a nimble, yet mauling bass attack, and drums that beat out an almost robot like rhythm, that’s pretty close to kraut rock, if kraut rock went on full on thrashing, shit fits from time to time. It also veers into ugly, pseudo-psychedelic rock at times. In addition, they like to keep it short and sweet. Most songs are under three minutes, while a few go under two. There is one glaring exception to this rule, which I’ll talk about later on. All this adds to quite the adrenaline rush.

“Clocktower” opens the album on a frenetic pace, taking time for a brief feedback freakout, before getting back to the thrashing for its finish. And it does this all in 1:32. “Service Please” barely goes beyond the two-and-a-half minute mark and features those relentless robot rhythms, while “Hot Garbage” is another, under two-minute burner. “Sweaty Dollar” features industrial rock style rhythms to go along with the filthy riff worship. “This Exists” pushes its song length to about three minutes, while switching between punishing mid-paced parts and lightning fast ones.

But the true “epic” on this album has to be its closer, “Make A Friend”, which clocks in at 5:53. It’s their version of prog. It starts out hectic and feedback laden, before hitting a more pronounced, deliberate stride, then breaks down into a freeform guitar feedback freakout, before the bass and drums come back in. You’re expecting a full on return to raunch, but it gets quiet, and then finally ends on a punishing riff. It’s the perfect capper for this album.

"Looking For A Painful Death" marks the arrival of another talented band in this burgeoning, sub-basement of a genre. You’ll definitely want to track this one down.

Black vinyl in full colour sleeve with insert.

  • 19.00€

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