USA Nails: Sonic Moist LP

NEW USA Nails: Sonic Moist LP

"Sonic Moist" is the debut album from London’s USA Nails. Formed in early 2013 through a mutual love for noise rock, punk and krautrock, USA Nails are gleefully complicit in the resurgent post-punk scene in London. "Sonic Moist" catalogues the first year of the band’s existence. The ethos of not over-thinking the song-writing process was carried through into the recording process, as all songs were tracked live, in a single day last summer. Gareth (guitar): "The creative process is fast, that's the main difference between this and our other bands I’d say. We write quick and try not to get bogged down on the little details". Steven’s snotty spoke-sung vocals deliver an often menacing and uncomfortable tone across an array of unpolished, garage-noise riffs and drums. Although firmly rooted in post-punk, the album also traverses krautrock and noise-rock territories, while remaining consistently pissed off. Green/clear vinyl in black/white sleeve with printed inner sleeve and digital download coupon.

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