Stagmummer / Meatrack: Split 10"

-50% Stagmummer / Meatrack: Split 10"

Meatrack's cassettes that preceded this release were meandering aggro-blues that spiked with focus on "The Wheelchair Tape". For "f.our" (Meatrack's side of the split), the band took a huge leap forward in that basement… they grew teeth and the whole band snarled on these tracks. 5 bass tracks on "Pentathol" to close the side will make anyone giddy with excess. The hyper sexual churn of "Buttermaker" worked well with the live off the floor recording by Lenny Milne (Bedside Studios). This was Winnipeg noise rock defined. Stagmummer's side offers darkness from The Birthday Party side of the spectrum. Dangerous swaggering pigfuck that would have been comfortable alongside God Bullies and the Cows. These tracks are moody and full of subterfuge, hiding the animal noise that was their live set but still find a way to kick you square, laying you out. McIsaacs' tangled noodling was kept harnessed by the rock-solid rhythm section of Bobby and mama (VaGiants). Black vinyl in black/white sleeve. Limited edition of 500 copies.

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