Hebosagil: Lähtö LP

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The Maya didn't know anything, whereas Hebosagil knows when the hour comes, when it's time for Lähtö, and their manner of exiting is big, loud, penetrating, and hard to the core. From the fallout, the radiometers are detecting remnant radiation from Slayer and Melvins, while the cockroaches may still recognise the brutal beat of Radiopuhelimet and Unsane. Musically, Hebosagil's "Lähtö" relies equally on their previous material and on turning a new page. They plunge towards more and more tormenting tunes that stick to your frontal lobe, avoiding the pitfalls from which most of the so-called heavy and uncompromising bands are eternally doomed to seek a way out. They don't know anything. Hebosagil knows. Black vinyl in full colour sleeve with printed full colour inner sleeve.

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Tags: noise rock, hebosagil, full contact records