Tusen År Under Jord: Sandhavens Genklang LP

Tusen År Under Jord: Sandhavens Genklang LP

The subterranean wanders above ground and emigrates south temporarily, leaving the pomp and the weeping behind. Verlautbarung are proud to present a series of exotic aural vignettes, like the dim phantasms populating the minds of Victorian armchair ethnographers. Dreams of long bygone customs, queer moonlit processions and pre-Sufic mystics. Journeys through teeming, hascheesh-ridden bazaars to the remote outposts of the vast dunescapes. The murmur of a hermit's unbroken wake, huddled by the doorway to the proper crypt of Khefren. All this framed by the ever swirling monomania of discord flutes and incessant tocking of drums.

Edition of 221 copies in brown cardboard disco bags with mounted risographic print and handstamped linen detail.

  • 17.00€

Tags: noise, experimental, ambient, tusen år under jord, verlautbarung