Panzram / Shoppers: Split 7"

-79% Panzram / Shoppers: Split 7"

Panzram and Shoppers come together for a noisy rock/punk parade on this little platter. Syracuse NY's Shoppers play the catchiest noise drenched punk you've ever heard, totally drawing you in with riffs that just remain in your head for days. All that backed up by great vocal work – haunting and full of attitude. Panzram returns from Ft. Myers, Florida to dish out another dose of mean and ugly non-traditional HC laced with hints of post-punk. If bands like Pollution, Walls, and Drugs of Faith are your thing, you will be right at home with Panzram's offerings. Black vinyl in 2 color silkscreened sleeve. Limited edition of 200 copies.

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Tags: noise rock, punk, hard core, power violence, post punk, panzram, shoppers, feedble minds, ifb records