The Rutabega: Shiny Destination 7"

-79% The Rutabega: Shiny Destination 7"

Sometimes two people is all that is necessary for music making. Such is the case with The Rutabega, the self described “Carp Rock power duo” hailing from the rather unlikely locale of South Bend, Indiana. Founded in 2002 by singer and guitarist Joshua Wayne HensleyThe Rutabega expanded their sound and membership with the addition of Garth Mason in 2011. Their 2013 full length "Brother the Lights Don't Work" drew on the band's knack for emotive and expansive songwriting, bringing to mind a two-piece Neil Young & Crazy Horse playing Beatles songs. With its playfully chaotic feel, rough-around-the-edges vocal, and bouncy, toe-tapping surf rock construction, the title track reminds me of something that might have come from The Unicorns, a notion only reinforced by quirky lyrical content. Energetic and catchy, it's a breezy piece that's nearly impossible to dislike, joined by a b-side in "Ladder" that, with its laid back tempo and more emotional punch, resembles an '80s soft rock ballad. White vinyl in hand screen-printed sleeve with digital download coupon. Limited edition of 300 copies.

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