White Lung: Blow It South b/w Down With You 7"

-67% White Lung: Blow It South b/w Down With You 7"

White Lung frontwoman Mish Way adopts a markedly deeper, gravelly tone on the Vancouver power-punks' new single "Blow It South", compared to their last year's "Sorry"—but, that record is more about rage than manipulation. They've made peace with most of those tormentors now, and they're out for blood, because they can. "Blow It South" is a relentless aural beating laced with loopy metal riffs that bind the quartet's all-everything-all-the-time rage to Way's typically predatory melodies, but on this song her darker howl sounds like a calculated step forward, one far more suited to the sinister pathology her band embraces with a song about releasing someone else's (sexual) demons-- whether or not that person is enthused about the idea. Black vinyl in full colour sleeve with digital download coupon.

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Tags: noise rock, post punk, white lung, deranged records