Soup Moat: Enjoy Your Hobbies 7"

-86% Soup Moat: Enjoy Your Hobbies 7"

In love with the fuzz, Soup Moat are a frighteningly lo-fi cross between Neurosis and Mudhoney, delving deep into the frantic territory of psychosis via grungy, heavily distorted guitars, atypical timings and demonic vocals. 

Soup Moat are an awesomely unhinged band who clearly have no care for the accepted niceties of making music. With minimal concession to tunes (and/or tuning) the band experiment with a variety of genres, loosely tethering themselves to punk but owing more to the avant-garde antics of Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr and the like. It's an EP that will be loved by few, but those few will treasure it for its wonderful idiosyncrasies as the music industry continues to airbrush all the human elements of record making out of their artists. 

Vinyl pressed on random color, a mixed batch of "dark blue-grey w/grey swirl" and" light grey w/blue swirl". There are fewer light grey ones, but no official count. Your purchase is the luck of the draw. Hand screen-printed cover. Includes digital download card. Limited edition of 300 copies. Digital download contains bonus Unwound cover, "Envelope."
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Tags: noise rock, grunge, punk, soup moat, triple eye industries