The Sunglasses: s/t 10"

-40% The Sunglasses: s/t 10"

The previous outing from the Atlanta based The Sunglasses was their LP "Bad Happy" on Trans Ruin Records a couple or so years back. The Sunglasses seem to create a brand of noise rock that feels and sounds like a hardcore band playing in slow motion and somewhat out of sync with a vocalist that carries on regardless of what is backing him. At times it feels like if the rest of the band just stopped playing and walked off, he'd probably continue rambling in the in and out of consciousness style that he puts forth here. The mixture of down tuned and slowed but obtuse riffing sort of resembles the type of sludgy metallic dirge that Kiss it Goodbye often churned out, but without the incredible sense of self-loathing and hatred towards anything and everything. With nine songs squeezed onto this thing the songs are all relatively brief, all of kind of blurring together. Multicoloured marble vinyl in full colour sleeve with xeroxed booklet and digital download coupon. Limited edition of 300 copies.

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Tags: noise rock, hard core, punk, the sunglasses, army of bad luck records