War Brides: Regrets LP

NEW War Brides: Regrets LP

"Regrets" has nine blistering tracks to leave you out of breath. While it’s not all at 100mph, it starts with the angst-ridden vocal on the first track "Clean" backed by squalling guitar and crashing cymbals, despite all that’s going on it still manages a funk-type rhythm running through it to the end. This album definitely has a lot going on and at times feels like there are two bands playing here, the loud hardcore noise at the forefront bounding the insistent beat like a sledgehammer on your door with the rock band in the background giving the rhythm that makes it just that bit different from others. The vocals are hard hitting, in your face, aggressive and painful, at times in fact they feel like a distant cry for help, and other times it’s like a war cry coming to get you. Black (162 copies) or green (100 copies) vinyl in full colour, partly screenprinted sleeve with digital download coupon.

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Tags: noise rock, war brides, triple eye industries