Bison Bisou: Pain & Pleasure LP+CD

-47% Bison Bisou: Pain & Pleasure LP+CD

After "Bodysick", a first and widely acclaimed album and nearly 200 gigs, Bison Bisou strikes back with "Pain & Pleasure", their new work.

Digging even deeper into their indie rock and noise rock roots, playing like a kid with his razors, the five guys from northern France prepared this second act like they prepare their gigs: between excess and an off-putting casualness, between tenderness and insolence.

While tackling themes like addiction and family, virtuality and inebriation, the songs that fill the album are an acid pilgrimage in places one likes to be in as the life falls appart. Following their strong live reputation, BisonBisou are back united as one: one actual band definitely addicted to sweat.

Black vinyl in full colour sleeve with insert, sticker, digital download coupon and CD version of the album.

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Tags: noise rock, indie rock, bison bisou, a tant rever du roi