Breathe Knives / Kataplexis: Split LP

-87% Breathe Knives / Kataplexis: Split LP

Breathe Knives is borne out of the ashes of Bionic 6…only about a decade later. Cory (sampler and guitars) and Kieran (bass, formerly of ¡Olé!) have been kicking around riffs for about a year under a different name. When they found vocalist Aaron (Warbird), they also found a new name and a new mission in Breathe Knives. Slashing riffs and terrifying vocals remind the listener of an overdone slasher film with the grittiest bottom end, pounding away, relentlessly. Special points for covering "Stag Party" from the Cherubs' second full length, "Heroin Man". For fans of Big Black, UnsaneKataplexis is a technical take on old-school death metal with healthy doses of grind thrown in there. This take is thundering raw and doesn't give up. It turns out to really compliment the other bands quite well. This is their second release after their blasting debut "Insurrection" CD. Their cover of Breathe Knives' "Rebreather" is frightening. Hot pink vinyl in full colour sleeve. Limited edition of 500 copies.

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Tags: noise rock, sludge, metal, death metal, grind core, breathe knives, kataplexis, no list records