Job: Meaningless LP

-45% Job: Meaningless LP

Job is an instrumental band from Chicago whose music is neither devotional nor vocational in theme, but rather an answered prayer for those who long to translate outside vibrations flooding towards the cochlea of the inner ear into the flush and rush of some paradoxical, refined barbarism. "Meaningless" is the band’s debut full-length album, but they are no rookies to the math rock scene. Job drummer Jim Myers played in the influential math rock band Dakota/Dakota in the 2000’s, along with Mike Sullivan and Colin DeKuiper who went on to form Russian Circles. Forge Again Records is putting out the album, who incidentally put out a reissue of Dakota/Dakota recently as well.

Job’s music bounces between heavier noise-rock that at times morphs into hypnotic kraut or shimmery, ethereal post-rock that carries an underlying sense of impending doom. Their songs can shift in style drastically and one minute sound like Red-era King Crimson to an 80’s horror movie soundtrack to something that sounds like early Battles. The music is incredibly well composed and deliberate in both the chaos and clarity it presents. Job has quickly built up a reputation in the Chicago music scene with an impeccable live show showcasing their extensive musical chops. This is one of my most anticipated albums of 2019, and it does not disappoint.

Random color vinyl in full colour sleeve. Limited edition of 307 copies.

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